Updated 1/11/2021

Pleasant Hills Garden Club

410 East Bruceton Road

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15236

Affiliated with
National Garden Clubs, Inc.
Central Atlantic Region
The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, District X
Organized 1940; Federated 1955; Currently 27 members

We meet the second Monday of each month unless otherwise specified, with desserts and coffee at 12:30 and the

Program beginning at 1:00 in the

Pleasant Hills Municipal Community Room,

410 E. Bruceton Road, Pleasant Hills.

The Garden Club is welcoming new members. 

Guests are welcome at all meetings unless otherwise stated.

PHGC March 2020 Newsletter


Good March everyone!


I am so looking forward to spring and getting outside! I want to plant the Burpee seeds that were available to us from District X. Plant America, Plant a Burpee Seed Garden program donated seed packets to promote Burpee Garden and is using Pennsylvania as a test state. We are requested to take photos of our results from the seeds for the District X Board meeting in August. The photos will be mailed as a district to the NGC, Inc. Sponsorship Committee.


The Pleasant Hills Garden Club received a donation from Dorothy Hayes in memory of her mother, Jeannette Rowland, in celebration of her birthday on January 10th. Also, a donation was also received from Angie Raitano in remembrance of Gloria & Don.


Mark your calendars for…


1) Monday, March 9th for the PHGC meeting. The speaker on beneficial insects has cancelled. The new program is The Landscape and Arboretum of Jefferon Memorial Park with Zowie Merril, Horticulturalist, presenting.


The Design Assignment is Creative Design Using Fruits and/or Vegetables


2) The Orchid Society of Western PA will be hosting its annual orchid show March 14-15, 2020, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel across from the South Hills Village.  Admission is free and there is ample free parking available.  Each year it offers orchid re-potting services by experienced orchid growers for a donation of $5 per re-potted orchid (exceptions may apply for especially large orchids).
3) Wednesday, March 18th for District X Spring Tea at the Mon Valley YMCA 101 Taylor Run Rd, Monongahela, PA 15063. There will be a signup at our March meeting to send to District X. Be sure to sign up.


  * Registration – 9:30 AM Coffee and Rolls upon arrival.


  * Business Meeting – 10:00 A.M. President’s Reports; Judging of the Trash to Treasures Entries Theme: “Any Way You Slice It.”  Each club participating should bring ONE entry. The winning entry will be chosen to go to the 2020 GCFP Convention.


  * Lunch – NOON District X Board Members provide lunch, free of charge.


  * PROGRAM 1:00 PM Beth Exton of the Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens will give an update on the Botanic Gardens.


Helen and I spoke with Amy at the Borough Building about having a link on the borough’s web page to the Pleasant Hills Garden Club. (Both Helen and I have been working on this for a while.) We should have a new link soon. (As of 2/24/20, I did not see a link on the borough’s home page.) The Facebook page is being recreated as well. Anyone who knows the owner of the old page let Helen, Kim, or me know.


How about another meet, chat, and network at Panera? I am considering Tuesday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day!). We would meet at 10:00. I will mass email everyone once the date is definite.


PHGC April / May 2020 Newsletter and News
Good spring everyone! Because of covid-19 the Pleasant Hills Garden Club has not been having its monthly meetings and, unfortunately, had to cancel the annual plant sale.
However, we have had 2 tele-conference meetings and we are looking forward to when Pennsylvania goes into the green phase and we can get back to life more-or-less as it was before the pandemic.
Members continue to actively maintain the Let Freedom Ring Garden, the Pleasant Hills Library grounds, and the Arboretum.
The club will be presenting (and are always on the look out for) Garden of the Month. If you see a beautiful, interesting, or otherwise note-worthy yard, let us know!
And, we are working on starting a butterfly garden in the Arboretum! 




PHGC July 2020 Newsletter


Good July everyone! We had a Board meeting on July 21 at the Arboretum. Ten garden club members attended. We social distanced and most of us wore masks.


Sadly, because of pandemic restrictions/cancellations there have been no “regular” meetings and activities have been curtailed. However, there is some news!


We have gotten four new member this year: Cheryl, Christine, Carolyn, and Cathleen. Welcome!


Our August meeting, Art in Bloom, has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for next year.


The September meeting has also been cancelled. Instead we will have a Board meeting on September 14th at 2:00 pm in the Arboretum. The meeting will be open to all members. Bring a problem plant or a mystery weed!


Pamela reported that 39 bags of mulch were spread at the Arboretum, three Bottle Brush Buckeye shrubs were planted, and that she would like to plant a Mountain Laural (PA state flower) at the Oakcrest entrance (but would need to protect it from the deer). She also reported that several other fences are to be installed but estimates still need to come in.


Charlene and her helpers have been doing a great job maintaining the Let Freedom Ring Garden, as well as the Library grounds. Charlene reported that as she was working on LFRG, a passerby donated $15!


Linda suggested we put markers to identify plants. (I think that’s a good idea!) Does anyone want to investigate garden markers that we could use for LFRG? Pamela thought copper ones.


Linda has been making a Garden of the Month album. She reports that people are excited when they win!  (Thank you, Linda!)




And, finally, we talked about Japanese beetles being a problem this year, and, of course, how the deer are eating EVERYTHING!
Helen was helpful in supplying District X Information for the newsletter:
There are TWO meetings coming up. Both at the Lions Club Park -- different dates – different pavilions.
The first one is the District X BOARD Meeting – August 17th at the Moose Pavilion in Lions Park Waynesburg
The second one is The District X ANNUAL Meeting for all clubs on September 21st at the Jaycee Pavilion in Lions Club Park
Whichever meeting you hope to attend, please follow the same protocol as if you are going to a doctor’s appointment. If in the past two weeks before each meeting you have traveled for business or pleasure, had any flu like symptoms, or have been around a person with Covid-19 -- Stay Home and quarantine yourself.
Temperatures will be taken on arrival. Please bring your face mask to use when not eating. You can bring your own hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes. The picnic tables are to be sanitized before we get there. We will have access to a bathroom and running water.
Note: We have V-neck T-shirts for sale for $20. Lots of us wear them when working in the gardens.
Hope to see many of you at the September Board meeting!
PHGC September 2020 Newsletter
We had a meeting on September 14th at the Arboretum.
It was good to see 10 of us in attendance (with masks!).


Our next meeting is on October 5th at 2:00 in South Park so that we can
see the Cascades. Park in the lot for Oliver Miller Homestead. The nearest
shelter is reserved for us. A ranger will talk to us there, and lead us to the
Cascades, which are very close by. He will also talk about their wildflower
meadow and any other park topics we find of interest, as time allows.  
We will not serve refreshments or have a design challenge.


There will be a short meeting to pass out awards. Also, Helen will have the
Garden Club T-shirts for those who ordered them.


Helen talked to Amy at the borough building who confirmed that          GARDEN
the building will not be open in October, hence our next meeting          OF THE
will be in South Park. November and December are still up in the air.     MONTH


Kim gave away packets of milkweed seeds. Thanks, Kim!


Following are the explanations of the recent awards our Club’s members
received at the District X Annual meeting:                           
DAFFODIL AWARDS are a District X Award.  Daffodils are awarded for a special project, or for recognition of a special member.  There are no specific categories and three can be awarded. The members who received the Daffodil awards are Louise Humphreys (special project of her hard work in setting up and designing the club’s website), Barbara Latterman (special project of donation of handmade stepping stones for the library garden) and Marie Mueller (for being a special member and sharing her knowledge of design and display).
DISTRICT LAUREL AWARDS are a non-competitive award that can be given to any qualified District or individual club member.  These awards encourage and recognize outstanding accomplishments that are "above and beyond" the regular duties of office or committee.  There are specific categories for these awards, but no limits on how many can be given.  For complete information go to  The member who received this award is Pamela Kavelman.
BUTTERFLY AWARD is a District X Award created to recognize one member yearly in our District for their outstanding efforts, on behalf of their own club.  The member who received this award is Helen Galluppi.
And, thank you Helen, Marie, Pamela, and Kim for all the information and updates contained in this newsletter.




Following is information for events that are of interest:


1) Master Gardener “Growing a Greener Garden”
2) 2020 CAR-SGC BLOOMING-ZOOM FESTIVAL October 18-22, 2020



1) Info for Master Gardener “Growing a Greener Garden”:


Join us as Washington County Coordinator, Laura Delach discusses lesser known and rarely planted veggies that are not only delicious but beautiful.  Get off the beaten path and reap great satisfaction from learning about these weird and wacky vegetables.  Recipes will also be shared for each vegetable.


Tired of planting the same perennials season after season? Need help dividing perennials correctly? Do you know you can plant perennials in the fall? If you have these or other questions, join Mandy Smith, Westmoreland County Master Gardener Coordinator, who will give you the latest planting scoop on perennials.


Healthy soil is necessary for healthy plants. In this presentation Glen Bupp, Allegheny County Master Gardener Coordinator, will simplify the complexities of soil science. We’ll breakdown how pH influences nutrient uptake in plants, how components of soil influence water movement, the benefits of soil microbes, and some of the signs your plants are telling you they want a change in their soil.


Winter sowing is an easy way to start many plants, especially perennials that require cold stratification, from seed in the winter. Some people use it to start annuals and even vegetable plants in the early spring. Join Mary Ann Efron, Master Gardener from Cambria County, as she explains the mechanics of winter sowing through viewing her photographs as she shares her own experiences using this method over the last two winters.



2) 2020 CAR-SGC BLOOMING-ZOOM FESTIVAL October 18-22, 2020


BLOOMING ZOOM FESTIVAL is a package of presentations and workshops created to educate and entertain our members without leaving the comfort of their homes.
Use this link:   CAR-SGC ZOOM Festival  to find all the information and details. 


PHGC October-November 2020 Newsletter


This newsletter is a conglomeration of… stuff. From October and
November meetings as well as information I have received via emails.
And the timing of its distribution is random… I felt like doing it now,
so here it is! (I think I am suffering from Covid fatigue… As I’m sure
we all are!)

We had ZOOM meetings on October 5th, an open Board meeting
on October 19th, and a general membership meeting on November 9th.

The October 5th meeting was held at the Cascades in South Park. The
Park Rangers gave an interesting talk about the history of the area and
the cascades and meadows. The cascadeswere a very popular place
for families who couldn’t afford the local swimming pools. There are
plans to rebuild the cascades with more pools and landscaping. The
rangers also talked about flowers in a nearby meadow.

Kim gave out awards to Louise for setting up and designing our website, to Barbara for making and donating
the four stepping stones for the library, to Marie for sharing her knowledge and design and display. The
Laurel award was given to Pamela for all she has done for us, for her knowledge of plants, and what she has
done with the Arboretum. The Butterfly Award was given to Helen for being our wonderful President during
this year of challenges.

Linda started a discussion about the Garden of the Month. A vote was taken and passed that the award can
be given to a home/garden that was started by landscapers.

At the October 19th ZOOM meeting, we voted on the nominations of Louise Humphreys, President; Marie
Mueller, VP; Patty Feden, Treasurer; Barbara Latterman, Recording Secretary; and Michaele Fisher,
Corresponding Secretary. The “aye” vote was unanimous.

We voted to make Mowry Park the site of the plant sale. Set up will be 8-12 and the sale will be 1-4.

During the November 9th ZOOM meeting we got to view and have Marie give feedback on photos that
members submitted for our design program. Thank you Marie, and thanks to everyone who provided
arrangement photos!

Pamela reported that the fence has been started around the butterfly garden.

Helen is checking with the borough about using the Mowry Park pavilion for meetings until we can get back
into the building. Helen has also contacted people about going before Council to ask for the use of Mowry for
free. She found that this issue can not be addressed until spring.

I have almost completed the Yearbook for 2021. If you would like a pre-publication copy, let me know and I
will email it to you.

Our next ZOOM meeting is scheduled for December 14th. DON’T FORGET TO DO SEASONAL ARRANGEMENTS
AND SEND THE PICTURES TO HELEN AND ME so that we can post them on Facebook and on our web site so that
we can discuss them during the December meeting.

Take care and stay safe!


PHGC February 2020 Newsletter


Good February everyone!


The program in February, Wildlife in Your Backyard, was quite interesting! The speaker, Douglas Bergman, was informative and entertaining.

Also, during February’s meeting, Elaine’s son-in-law was gracious enough to provide feedback on members’ photographs that were on display for the design assignment. We have some very talented members!


Two new members attended the February meeting, Cheryl and Carolyn. Welcome!


In March, Barbara and her husband will be doing a stained-glass presentation at the Pleasant Hills Library. I don’t have the date, but I’m sure Barb would provide details if asked.


On a social note, on Tuesday, January 28th, some of us gathered at Panera in Southland to talk to other patrons and to socialize. Patty, Joyce, Barbara, Jan, Helen, Marie and I had a very pleasant time and had the opportunity to talk to one of our past members, Sue Wright. A friend who was with Sue, Nina, is an expert on mushrooms and is willing to host a program next year.

We discussed going again to Panera and to perhaps expanding our efforts of recruitment (and socialization) to include a happy hour gathering at Atria’s. I think we should!


Regarding a link to the PHGC on the Pleasant Hills Borough’s web site: Amy, who works in the office, did some research and sent me the following information:



I wanted to let you know how to find the garden club link on the website. You can go to the top menu, select Services, go to the drop down menu and select General Borough Information, then scan through the article that comes up until you get to Community Organizations (the 3rd green titled portion of the article) and click on the link there. However, there is a much easier way. You can go to the Site Search field at the top of the far right menu titled with Alerts an Observed Holidays. If you type the work "Garden" it will take you to an option to select the article with the link. 

I did email the webmaster for the website and asked him to possibly add a link to community Groups on the Home Menu so that people won't have to search as extensively. I'm awaiting his response. If there are any more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Have a great day!

Warmest Regards, Amy Martin, Borough of Pleasant Hills



Please note that Jxx Oxx’s correct cell phone number is 412-xxx-xxxx

Send me your photographs! I can post some on our web site’s gallery page.

See you at the March meeting… or sooner!



PHGC Jan 2021 Newsletter
Happy New Year!
Sadly, because of pandemic restrictions/cancellations there have been no “regular” meetings and activities have been curtailed. However, there are some activities to report on!


The January club meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 11 at 1 pm.  The installation of new officers will take place.  We’ve invited Angie Raitano to the meeting to do the honor.
President: Louise Humphreys
Vice-President: Marie Mueller
Treasurer: Patty Feden
Recording Sec.: Barbara Latterman
Corresponding Sec.: Michaele Fisher
Directors: Helen Galluppi, Charlene Bowyer
Our zoom information... Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Passcode: xxxxxx
The upcoming district X meetings from the TENdril. The TENdril can be found on the PA Garden Club Web site under District X
All Board meetings begin at 10:00 a.m.
The following are the TENTATIVE dates for 2021.
February -- Monday Feb. 22
May – Wednesday, May 19
August - Monday, Aug. 23
October - Monday, Oct. 25


It will be announced closer to the date of the meeting if it will be an actual meeting, or a ZOOM meeting.
Thanks to Louise, Marie, Carolyn and everyone to get the yearbooks together.  Let me know if you didn’t get one.
Things to do during a pandemic?
Build a snowman!










“It is of my two beautiful neighbor girls and myself building it snowman.
It was truly one of my favorite days of 2020.  We actually built one at 3 different houses.”
I took a Phipps Class. “Botanical Drawing II”  The programs at Phipps are all zoom classes which is slightly disappointing, but better than nothing.  Here is the link to Phipps classes. There are quite a few to choose from.


Here is my Iris root. 
I also did several stems, a leaf and an Alstroemeria flower.
The Pittsburgh Botanical garden is open during the winter.
Randyland is also open.  I visited Randyland during the summer.  Randy’s story and artwork is displayed in his garden. 
Phipps flower show is back open starting today.  You must schedule a time to visit. That way they can limit the number of people in the gardens.
I don’t have a lot more to add to the Newsletter.  Any suggestions are appreciated.
Other items!
I have been “cleaning” out the basement.  I have quite a few garden magazines that I could lend out. Let me know if you would like to look at any.
Since our newsletter is kind of scant, I thought I would feature a committee and the duties.  I received these duties from Charlene and if anyone would like a copy, let me know. I will start out with Program committee.  Here are the duties. (keep in mind these are from a while back and could be old)
Program committee.
  • It shall be the duty to plan and conduct the program for the year.
  • Give a list of dates we will need the community room for the year to the Borough office secretary in January.
  • Contact speakers- call them a week before the meeting to make sure they are coming. (Send them a letter of date and time they have committed to speak?)
  • Give the Borough secretary a drawing of how to set up of the room the Friday before the meeting. Jan Mc Carten
  • Greet, and introduce the speaker. Introduce the speaker to the President.
  • Write a thank you to the speaker.
  • Make sure the treasurer has a check for the speaker the day of the program.
  • Make sure all equipment needed by the speaker is set up (drop cord movie screen, shades are drawn if needed. Waste basket for flower arranger) There is a broom and dust pan in the closet. We are to leave the room as clean as we found it.
  • The District X Garden club web site has programs ideas. If the following link does not work, go to and under the box “Club Programs.”