Pleasant Hills Garden Club, Pittsburgh, PA

Pleasant Hills Garden Club
Let Freedom Ring Garden Memorial Brick Program


Affiliated with The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania / The National Garden Clubs, Inc.


The Pleasant Hills Garden Club is offering an opportunity to honor someone with an engraved brick in their name.
Located at the Bill Green Shopping Center, the Let Freedom Ring Garden (LFRG) was installed in 2007 by the Pleasant Hills Garden Club, with community support. A brick court was installed in front of the Memorial to honor those who are serving, or have served, our country. A brick court in the center honors those who have lived or served in our community, and helped to beautify our community.  
You can purchase a 4”x 8” brick, at $100.00 each, which will be engraved and placed in a designated area. You will receive a notification after the brick is installed.







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Send check, or money order, (no cash) payable to Pleasant Hills Garden Club and mail to:


Pleasant Hills Garden Club                                        For more information, call 412-884-4424.

c/o Marie Mueller                                                     Thank You!

150 Del Rio Drive

Pittsburgh, PA  15236


Pleasant Hills Garden Club

410 East Bruceton Road

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15236

Organized 1940; Federated 1955; Currently 27 members

The Garden Club is welcoming new members. 

We meet the second Monday of each month unless otherwise specified, with desserts and coffee at 12:30 and the

Program beginning at 1:00 in the

Pleasant Hills Municipal Community Room,

410 E. Bruceton Road, Pleasant Hills.

Guests are welcome at all meetings unless otherwise stated.

Affiliated with
National Garden Clubs, Inc.
Central Atlantic Region
The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, District X
Updated 7/25/2021