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The purpose of this club shall be to create interest in and to promote knowledge
of horticulture and flower arranging; to assist in the development of civic beauty
and aid in local and national programs of conservation.


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Affiliated with
National Garden Clubs, Inc.
Central Atlantic Region
The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, District X
Organized 1940
Federated 1955
Currently 31 members


Section I - The name of this group shall be Pleasant Hills Garden Club
Section 2 - The purpose of this Club shall be to create interest in, and to promote the knowledge of horticulture and flower design; to assist in the development of civic beauty; and to aid in local and national programs of conservation.

Section 1 - Any resident of Pleasant Hills or its surrounding communities who is willing to help promote the objectives of this club shall be eligible for membership regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity or religious affiliation.
Section 2. - The Executive board shall appoint a sponsor for each new member.
Section 3 – A former member in good standing may be reinstated to active membership by written request to the Membership Chairman.

Section 1- The annual dues shall be approved by the Executive Board upon recommend-ation of the Finance Committee. The dues are payable at the October meeting. The dues shall include individual membership in the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania and the District at the times specified.
Section 2 - Any member who has not paid dues by the November meeting shall be considered delinquent. Members in arrears shall be so notified.
Section 3 - New members and reinstated members shall pay the annual membership dues when accepted to membership.

Section I. - The Officers of the Club shall be: President, Vice-President, Recording Secret-ary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and two Directors.
Section 2 - The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and the Executive Board, have general supervision of the work of the Club, appoint all committee chairmen, and be a member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.
Section 3 - The Vice-President shall have been a member of the Club for at least one year. Shall succeed to the presidency the following year. In the absence of the President, shall perform the duties of the President. The Vice President shall be a member of the Finance Committee.
Section 4-The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Executive Board and Club meetings, have custody of all papers
pertaining to the transactions of the Club, and file all annual reports.
Section 5 - The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for all Club correspondence, send cards to members who are ill or hospitalized and in case of a death in the family.
Section 6 - The Treasurer shall have been a member of the Club for at least 1 year, be custodian of the Club's funds and shall disburse them according to the budget or upon approval of the Club for non-budgeted funds. The Treasurer and Finance Chairman shall be signers on all bank accounts. The Treasurer collects all dues and receive all monies. Pay dues to the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania and the District, and shall be responsible for compiling all financial information required by the State and mailing it to the State Chairman (501C3 and 990).
Section 7 - The Directors, one of whom shall be the retiring President, shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board.

Section 1 - The Executive Board shall be composed of the Officers of the Club, the chairmen of committees and representatives appointed by the President. It shall transact routine business and have general super-vision over the affairs of the Club. It shall approve work to be done by the various committees. It shall recommend the dis-bursement of surplus funds at the close of the year and such other matters as appropriate. Recommendations from the Executive Board shall be presented to the Club membership at a regular meeting for vote of approval.
Section 2- The Executive Board shall fill all vacancies in office except that of the President, to which the Vice-President shall succeed automatically. The Vice-President vacancy shall be referred to the past Nominating Committee.
Section 3 - The meetings of the Executive Board shall be held at the call of the President.

Section 1. - The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the President. The chairman shall be a past president; the second member shall be a member of the current Executive Board; and the third a member of at least two years standing who is not serving on the current Board.
Section 2 - The election of officers shall be held at the October meeting.
Section 3 - At the October meeting, the Nominating Committee shall present the name of a least one candidate for each of the following offices: Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and one Director. Nominations may be received from the floor and election by ballot shall follow. New officers shall assume their duties at the January meeting.
Section 4 - When the name of only one candidate for each office is presented, a motion to have the Secretary cast the ballot shall be in order.

Section I - The regular meeting of the Club shall be held the second Monday of each month at 1:00 P.M. unless otherwise ordered by the Club.
Section 2 - The annual reports of committee chairmen shall be presented in triplicate to the President as requested.

Section 1 - The President shall appoint a chairman for each of the following standing committees: Flower Show, Civic Improvement, Display, Finance and Gifts, Horticulture, Hospitality, Membership, Nominating, Program, Publicity, Telephone, Ways and Means, Yearbook and Awards.
The President shall also appoint a Parliamentarian, and a representative to The Pleasant Hills Arboretum Board.
Section 2 - The President may appoint other chairman as deemed necessary for special purposes.

Section 1 - The Program Committee shall consist of the chairmen of Horticulture, Display, Hospitality, Awards and Yearbook. It shall be their duty to plan and conduct the program for the year.
Sub Committees
a. - The Display Committee shall consist of a chairman and at least three (3) members. It shall plan and have charge of the monthly design schedule and shall have charge of the table designs for any Club luncheon.
b. -The Horticulture Committee shall consist of the chairman and at least three (3) members. It shall plan and have charge of the monthly display of horticulture specimen.
c. -The Hospitality committee shall assign hostesses for each meeting and appoint a Hostess Chairman to be in charge of refreshments for each meeting.
d. -The Yearbook Committee shall prepare the annual yearbook to be given to each member at the January meeting.
e. - The Awards Committee shall consist of a Chairman, the President and Vice-President. The committee shall be familiar with the District, State and National Awards available to Clubs and their members. Consideration for these awards to individuals in the Club shall be based on the merits of the individuals without any bias.
Section 2 The Ways and Means Committee shall consist of a chairman and at least six (6) members. It shall plan ways and means activities for the Club year with the approval of the Executive Board.
Section 3 -The Membership Committee shall consist of a chairman and two members. It shall be in charge of introducing new members to the Club after they have been accepted to active membership. It shall be responsible for explaining requirements to new members and assuring their participation in cooperation with their sponsors.
Section 4 - The Finance Committee shall consist of the Chairman, the Treasurer, the Chairman of Ways and Means and the Vice-President. It shall prepare and have supervision of the budget for the Club's fiscal year. It shall prepare a budget comparison report at the end of each fiscal year, including a summary of the disbursements of the surplus funds for that fiscal year. The Finance Chairman is a signer on all club bank accounts.
Section 5 - The Publicity Committee shall consist of the chairman and two (2) other members. It shall send publicity notices of the Club's regular and special activities to the news media and shall keep a record of the publicity for the year. It shall be responsible for preparing the scrapbook to be presented to the President at the end of her year.
Section 6 – The Telephone Committee shall consist of the chairman and at least three (3) members. It shall contact members as requested for special activities or information at the discretion of the president.
Section 7 - The Flower Show Committee shall plan and supervise the Club's Flower Show.
Section 8 - The Civic Improvement Committee shall be responsible for the upkeep of the plantings in the community, which have been undertaken by the Club for the beautification of Pleasant Hills. The members of the committee shall be appointed for two-year terms with half of the committee being replaced each year. All new members shall serve on this committee during their first two years as members.
Civic Improvement Sub Committees
a. Let Freedom Ring Garden
b. Arboretum - The representative to the
Pleasant Hills Arboretum Board shall represent the Club at meetings of the Arboretum Board and shall report monthly to the Club on matters of interest relative to the Club's support of it.

Section 1-A quorum of eleven (11) members shall be required for conducting business at any regular meeting.
Section 2 - The By-laws may be amended by a vote of three-fourth (3/4) of the members present at any regular meeting, provided that notice has been given at the previous meeting or sent in writing thirty (30) days prior to the meeting. If no prior notice is given an amendment would require a nine-tenth (9/10) vote of the members present at a regular meeting.
Section 3- Robert Rules of Order, Newly revised, shall govern the club in all matters not herein covered and not inconsistent with the Bylaw of the Club.
Section 4- When Club Members pass away, as a Club we will not send flowers for the deceased, but instead, the Club will memorialize the deceased member of the Club by purchasing a brick to be placed in the Let Freedom Ring Garden, in memory of that person (Passed 2/2020).

A. President: All duties outlined in the By Laws in Article IV Section 2 and Article VIII. The President shall also be responsible for the newsletter. If unable, the President may select a member to produce the newsletter, however, that person would not be a chairperson and therefore not a member of the board. The President is also a member of the awards committee.
B. Vice President: All duties outlined in the By Laws in Article IV, Section 3. The Vice President is also a standing member on the awards committee and the finance committee.
C. Recording Secretary: All duties outlined in Article IV, Section 4.
D. Corresponding Secretary: All duties outlined in Article IV, Section 5. Other duties include, the Treasurer shall give to the Corresponding Secretary, following the
November meeting, the names of delinquent members. The Secretary shall notify delinquent members in writing of there being dropped from the Club, if dues are not paid to the Treasurer.
E. Treasurer: All duties outlined in Article IV, section 6. The treasurer’s duties also include presenting a monthly report to the Club and to the President. The Treasurer shall present an annual report in writing to the Club, and a copy of this report shall be distributed to club members. The Treasurer will notify the Corresponding Secretary of the members whom have not paid their dues after the November meeting so those members may be contacted.
F. Directors: All duties outlined in Article IV, Section 7

Esther Green 1940-41
Peg McCollum 1942
Fran Baker 1943
Grace Davey 1944
Peg Frable 1945
Gladys Hottell 1946
Sue Ryerson 1947
Bo Noble 1948
Helen Walk 1949
Jean Irwin 1950
Betty Forstall 1951
Hanne Dowd 1952
Gertrude McMillen1953
Martha Loach 1954
Martha Smith1955
Virginia Griner 1956
Helen Jones 1957
Dorothy Terrell 1958
Barbara Dudderar 1959
Shirley Langley 1960
Helen Whiston 1961
Betty Forstall 1962
Ruth Johnson 1963
Erma Breisch 1964
Ruth Eckel 1965
Norma Beinlich 1966
Mary Olsen 1967

Jane Swanson 1968
Adele Kindschi 1969
Ginnie Elswick 1970
Maggie McGilln 1971
Norma Wright 1972
Dolores Betler 1973
Ann Hite 1974
Dorothy Whitman 1975
Janet Cox 1976
Corrine Lockard 1977
Fay Lilly 1978
Becky Peterson 1979
Robbie Meyers 1980
Nancy Alderson 1981
Marlene Albrecht 1982
Jane Kueser 1983
Marilyn Walk 1984
Shirlie Wylie 1985
Billie McCormick 1986
Jo Consoli 1987
Mary Moore 1988
Mary Mewha 1989
Phyllis Towner 1990
Sue Miller 1991
Barbara Carnes 1992
Gwen Mitchell 1993
Mary Moore 1994

Sue Miller 1995
Greta McCrea 1996/97
Becky Peterson 1998
Mary Finley 1999
Mary Dales 2000
Gloria Lepiane2001/02
Anne Gentry 2003
Melissa Watsek 2004
Charlene Bowyer 2005/06
Jan Nevling 2007
Charlene Bowyer 2008
Barbara Nero 2009
Gloria Lepiane 2010
Kay Ball 2011
Anne Hutchinson 2012
Lisa Surbaugh 2013
Sue Wright 2014
Charlene Bowyer 2015/16
Jan Nevling 2017/18
Helen Galluppi 2019/20
Louise Humphreys 2021

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